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Devrialem Communication Technologies, Tourism and Foreign Trade was established in September 2005 as a project production (development), event and organization company under the leadership of Melisa Cakarlar.
(Please click for the Chronological Resume of Melisa Cakarlar)

With its unique and boutique projects, Devrialem organizes target-oriented activities, events and conferences for corporate companies and special clients.

The main goal of Devrialem Ltd. is to design activities that reach the Brand's determined target`group. It organizes concerts aimed at different ethnical cultures, sports activities for the younger segments, hip-hop dancing competitions or conferences with international speakers, aimed at informing the target. In summary, Devrialem’s objective is to produce all kinds of unique activities in a way that meets the target group on the right platform.

Even though Devrialem is not in the P&R business, in addition to the organizations it gives P&R support while communicating these activities to the relevant target groups.

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